I never thought I’d be able to live a life where I wasn’t dancing.  And now I’m here and I’ve graduated from dancing at my home studio, as well as high school, and it stings a lot.  

That’s all I have for now… A ton has happened in the past couple of weeks and it’s been amazing and crazy – but I am at a loss of ideas to express my feelings for this loss.  Unfortunate.

“One day you’re 17, and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” Lucas Scott, OTH


Week round up

I am very ashamed to announce it’s been about two months since my last post.
Okay I’m over it, now I would love to get into an update of my life!

This past few weeks have been crazy. I mean it was full of ups and downs. I will discuss the main point here.  Two weekends ago I had my last dance competition.  It was the best competition of my life, the most emotional, and the most successful. It feels amazing to end with a bang, I’ll list our achievements: 

My lyrical group won third place in the dance off, and prior to announcing the winners, the judges state their opinions to each group.  Our dance was loved entirely! Kristen Dobby said we had beautiful technique, gorgeous lines, great group work together and clean spacing. Most of all, our connection with one another on stage was explosive, they could really feel our natural knowledge of each others presence.  That moment struck us all because just after dancing, my group and I all agreed that we felt so connected to each other on stage.  Aside from the dance off, that same number scored highest senior small group in the entire competition.  Our jazz got third highest scoring senior small group.  Second was taken by a hip hop group from our studio. Safe to say we swept that category in the overalls.  Next, my lyrical trio got a special award at its adjudication, plus highest scoring senior duet/trio.  Then, our ballet group received the highest score out of every ballet number out of the entire competition.  And last but not least, my solo received 3rd place overall 17 year old solo, and I was awarded a scholarship for a summer dance intensive.  

After all of these successes, my favourite moments of the entire weekend were the moments with my dance family, the girls I dance side by side with, and the younger girls I watch and admire, because them too are phenomenal, hard working dancers.  My dance family is so precious and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Before the dance off, my company and I were huddled in a circle just outside of backstage, and we were sharing our thoughts, feelings, memories, and closing remarks before hitting the competitive stage for the last time together.  That was the most memorable moment of my dancing career, to be truthful.  


Kiss me… I’m (not) Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s day!!

I always feel very excited when this day rolls around.  It is almost as if everyone does, and that’s why I love St. Patty’s – everyone is just gold buckets full of joy.

Now, what I am especially ecstatic about is this lovely lunch my sister and I prepared: Shamrock Mac n Cheese.  (I will share my festive breakfast as well, but it was not nearly as wonderful as lunch)

Lunch – 

The flavour is mind blowing… And the concept even more.  

So because I have a food sensitivity to wheat, we boiled rice macaroni.  Next, we heated soft goat cheese, and this is because I can’t have cow cheese – yes this food sensitivity is a travesty. However, the goat cheese is delicious and when we heated it up it became super creamy.  And the third (yes I wasn’t lying when I said this was simple!) ingredient, is blended peas.  Nothing more.  Once it is in a creamy smooth paste, you can go ahead and add it to the macaroni and cheese mixture.  

Mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds (both worlds: delicious world and healthy world).

[end of Hannah Montana reference.]

Enjoy another lovely photograph

Happy day!

My breakfast:

Just a simple matcha green tea, and then two pan fried eggs.  I really don’t know egg style terminology, so I will call it pan fried.  At the end of cooking, I sprinkled some matcha powder to make the eggs look magically lucky.

I cooked the eggs at a low temperature with the lid on.  This cooked the egg whites fully, but left the yolk runny with the bright golden colour exposed.  Ah – so festive!


Breakfast Ice Cream

So I woke up with a strong desire for a smoothie breakfast.  Simple as that, I pulled out the blender and added a compilation of fruits and other good stuff.  Here it goes:

About 3/4 cup blood orange juice

3 dried, pitted, while dates

3/4 of a frozen banana

1 cup of frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries)

Half an avocado

1 tsp of matcha powder 

A piece of cinnamon 

First I blended the juice and the dates, this just gives the dates a bit more attention so they actually dismantle rather than getting lost in the fiesta going on with all of the other ingredients.  It is really nice (probably because my blender isn’t top quality – hehe) because the dates turn into nibs, and because they are naturally sweet, they taste like little chunks of chocolate!! Yippee

Anywho, this smoothie turned out to have a sweet and tangy sorbet consistency, so I decided to whip up whip cream that works around my allergies.  Buffalo cream, with a teaspoon of pure and natural maple syrup, takes 20 seconds to form in the blender and it is F A B U L O U S !

So if you feel like channeling your inner summer as these last few winter days melt away, take a whirl at this fun treat (completely healthy and nutritious too!)

Neglecting the Bad

March first will be the two month mark of my new diet.  It isn’t a diet to change the way I look, it is simply for my health.  Although this wasn’t my choice, I have been thoroughly enjoying this change in lifestyle! To fill in the blanks, I have had very bad eczema my entire life.  After visiting a holistic nutritionist natural path doctor lady (I usually refer to my mom for help with the proper title), I learned that I have MANY food sensitivities which I was completely oblivious to. That being said, I have completely entirely positively cut these foods out of my diet, and while at first feeling excited yet scared about this new journey, I slowly got the hang of it and realized that I have actually been blessed by this!

Having so many food limitations has taught me so much more about health benefits; I discovered so many foods that I never knew existed; and I have been feeling and looking A LOT healthier! It puts such a grand smile on my eczema free face. Now while this is something I was told to do by my doctor, there is no reason why others cannot dabble in this diet of mine. I love enlightening people on all of the health pros and delicious flavors that come out of the foods I prepare, so I am spreading my love to you. Once a week (I am committing because I have been lacking in posts this new year) I want to share something healthy that I make, whether it be an original experiment (emphasis on the word experiment) or a recipe I have attempted. So excited, see y’all soon!

Neverland Island in ‘The Sea of Newskinn’

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

Fearless of minds.  Fearless of all kinds.  Sarah is now a reborn species on adventurous hinds.
(That doesn’t sound as ferocious as I’d like to be in this alternate universe, but it rhymes so I’m into it.)

A new year is no different than the year before, but what you do with your time and mind can reveal a whole new realm of living.  In my Neverland, the forecast for 2015 calls for great times: sans of worries, full of fruitful cadence, and a 99.9% chance of a healthy  lifestyle (99.9 percent only for that legal disclaimer thingy that is on all hand sanitizers; because something having nothing to do with my plan could get its nose in the picture).

Before we take a boat to Sarah’s Neverland, it is tres important that you know about mama Head.  Mama Head organizes Sarah’s mind as a nightly custom, weekly if times are busy for her.  Mama rummages through Sarah’s mind as she sleeps and tidies up the many articles wandered astray during the days.  You see, things must be straight before your next acquaintance with them.  Ah, mama Head has a passion for having all things just so.  Alas, as the new year undergoes with a more organized spin, we can truly embark on a whimsical overseas (I changed my mind, we are flying there instead) trip to the grounds of  Neverland Island.

Healthy Mind: Most of this new part has just been covered with the help of Mama Head. (Thanks mama Head).  However, the other lines are up to Sarah herself.  Independence.  The biggest struggle has always been trying to being set on herself and excluding from her life the negative opinions of others.  This is Sarah’s Neverland, heck, why should anyone else matter in the manifestation of her well being? Positive thoughts will do that task in just the best way.

Healthy Spirits:  With most things falling into place in this new world in this new year, a new spirit will ignite.  It is Sarah’s great new life in Neverland.  There will be no excuse not to seize every moment and live on cloud nine.  Happy… she will generate her own happy.

Healthy Body: Speaking of this new skin in this new year, Sarah will literally be suiting some new skin.  With a recent food sensitivity test, it has been revealed that many foods in Sarah’s diet have been having a negative impact on her overall well being.  Bad eczema, minor acne, and low energy are just a few of the effects of wheat, yeast, synthetic sugars, peanuts, cow products,  food additives and chemicals, and quite a bit more.  This sounds like a heap load of foods cut out of the picture, however, it makes a world of a difference in her living, and so far she has learned so many health benefit in the foods her body is compatible with.  The recipes that coincide with her new diet are surprisingly compensating and delicious. (She will be posting a journal entry from time to time on her new eats!)

And with that, Sarah’s adventures in Wonderland (oh wait, we are in Neverland!) will make for a wonderful  year.

That calls for the end of story time.

[Sarah is finished talking in third person.]

Post-Christmas post

The Christmas season is the most magical and enticing season for me… I mean, the Bible stories and Saint Nick tales speak “magical” all on their own.

Everything about it is lovable. Witnessing selfless acts from stranger to stranger is my personal favorite. Snuggling by the fire with the coziest blanket, sipping tea or hot cocoa (generic, I know), watching Christmas specials or movies, drifting into a sleep at the same pace as the snow falling from the sky… ahhh, nothing better than a snooze. And consider the more elaborate, wild parts of the season; large family gatherings, absorbing the jolly uproar in the malls and streets, attending tree lightings, and of course, baking disasters (or master pieces) in your home. Now that is what rings the holiday season. While those may be a little too crazy or overwhelming to most, I see these to be perfectly messy!

Fear not the ups and downs of Christmas! I am starting to feel (yes, already at the age of 17) that this time of year comes and goes in a jiffy, almost leaving me feeling like there was not spirit spread at all. It is the commercialization of Christmas taking over.   Don’t get me wrong, those commercials that tug on the heart strings remind us all of that holiday spirit, but if the only spirit being promoted is from retail businesses, we are all running out of memory of what it is all about.

Instead of frolicking around like ball of stress, take a step back, inhale that wonderful peppermint, and exhale that negative outlook. Looking back on all of the events you prepared for, wouldn’t you have liked it much better if it was done in a much calmer manner? Of course! Enjoying time is worth a doubtless amount more than stressing over every tiny thing. So from my brain to yours, we all need to practice enjoying the meaningful moments in life.

Note: There is no reason why you can’t still have wonderful times with family and friends. For example, instead of fighting my way through Boxing Day crowds yesterday, I decided that free relaxation is a way better deal than any I’d find at the mall. Although starting the day off a little shaky with some post-Christmas depression, I got on my feet and cleaned the entire house (best daughter of the year), watched Charlie brown, stared at my Christmas tree a little, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey, had family visit and stay over for a lovely dinner, and last but not least, a Christmas sleepover with my best friends. What better way to spend life on the other side of Christmas day?

So, go forth my friends, bake a little something special, and spread cheer for all to hear!