Post-Christmas post

The Christmas season is the most magical and enticing season for me… I mean, the Bible stories and Saint Nick tales speak “magical” all on their own.

Everything about it is lovable. Witnessing selfless acts from stranger to stranger is my personal favorite. Snuggling by the fire with the coziest blanket, sipping tea or hot cocoa (generic, I know), watching Christmas specials or movies, drifting into a sleep at the same pace as the snow falling from the sky… ahhh, nothing better than a snooze. And consider the more elaborate, wild parts of the season; large family gatherings, absorbing the jolly uproar in the malls and streets, attending tree lightings, and of course, baking disasters (or master pieces) in your home. Now that is what rings the holiday season. While those may be a little too crazy or overwhelming to most, I see these to be perfectly messy!

Fear not the ups and downs of Christmas! I am starting to feel (yes, already at the age of 17) that this time of year comes and goes in a jiffy, almost leaving me feeling like there was not spirit spread at all. It is the commercialization of Christmas taking over.   Don’t get me wrong, those commercials that tug on the heart strings remind us all of that holiday spirit, but if the only spirit being promoted is from retail businesses, we are all running out of memory of what it is all about.

Instead of frolicking around like ball of stress, take a step back, inhale that wonderful peppermint, and exhale that negative outlook. Looking back on all of the events you prepared for, wouldn’t you have liked it much better if it was done in a much calmer manner? Of course! Enjoying time is worth a doubtless amount more than stressing over every tiny thing. So from my brain to yours, we all need to practice enjoying the meaningful moments in life.

Note: There is no reason why you can’t still have wonderful times with family and friends. For example, instead of fighting my way through Boxing Day crowds yesterday, I decided that free relaxation is a way better deal than any I’d find at the mall. Although starting the day off a little shaky with some post-Christmas depression, I got on my feet and cleaned the entire house (best daughter of the year), watched Charlie brown, stared at my Christmas tree a little, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey, had family visit and stay over for a lovely dinner, and last but not least, a Christmas sleepover with my best friends. What better way to spend life on the other side of Christmas day?

So, go forth my friends, bake a little something special, and spread cheer for all to hear!




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