Neglecting the Bad

March first will be the two month mark of my new diet.  It isn’t a diet to change the way I look, it is simply for my health.  Although this wasn’t my choice, I have been thoroughly enjoying this change in lifestyle! To fill in the blanks, I have had very bad eczema my entire life.  After visiting a holistic nutritionist natural path doctor lady (I usually refer to my mom for help with the proper title), I learned that I have MANY food sensitivities which I was completely oblivious to. That being said, I have completely entirely positively cut these foods out of my diet, and while at first feeling excited yet scared about this new journey, I slowly got the hang of it and realized that I have actually been blessed by this!

Having so many food limitations has taught me so much more about health benefits; I discovered so many foods that I never knew existed; and I have been feeling and looking A LOT healthier! It puts such a grand smile on my eczema free face. Now while this is something I was told to do by my doctor, there is no reason why others cannot dabble in this diet of mine. I love enlightening people on all of the health pros and delicious flavors that come out of the foods I prepare, so I am spreading my love to you. Once a week (I am committing because I have been lacking in posts this new year) I want to share something healthy that I make, whether it be an original experiment (emphasis on the word experiment) or a recipe I have attempted. So excited, see y’all soon!


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