Kiss me… I’m (not) Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s day!!

I always feel very excited when this day rolls around.  It is almost as if everyone does, and that’s why I love St. Patty’s – everyone is just gold buckets full of joy.

Now, what I am especially ecstatic about is this lovely lunch my sister and I prepared: Shamrock Mac n Cheese.  (I will share my festive breakfast as well, but it was not nearly as wonderful as lunch)

Lunch – 

The flavour is mind blowing… And the concept even more.  

So because I have a food sensitivity to wheat, we boiled rice macaroni.  Next, we heated soft goat cheese, and this is because I can’t have cow cheese – yes this food sensitivity is a travesty. However, the goat cheese is delicious and when we heated it up it became super creamy.  And the third (yes I wasn’t lying when I said this was simple!) ingredient, is blended peas.  Nothing more.  Once it is in a creamy smooth paste, you can go ahead and add it to the macaroni and cheese mixture.  

Mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds (both worlds: delicious world and healthy world).

[end of Hannah Montana reference.]

Enjoy another lovely photograph

Happy day!

My breakfast:

Just a simple matcha green tea, and then two pan fried eggs.  I really don’t know egg style terminology, so I will call it pan fried.  At the end of cooking, I sprinkled some matcha powder to make the eggs look magically lucky.

I cooked the eggs at a low temperature with the lid on.  This cooked the egg whites fully, but left the yolk runny with the bright golden colour exposed.  Ah – so festive!



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