Week round up

I am very ashamed to announce it’s been about two months since my last post.
Okay I’m over it, now I would love to get into an update of my life!

This past few weeks have been crazy. I mean it was full of ups and downs. I will discuss the main point here.  Two weekends ago I had my last dance competition.  It was the best competition of my life, the most emotional, and the most successful. It feels amazing to end with a bang, I’ll list our achievements: 

My lyrical group won third place in the dance off, and prior to announcing the winners, the judges state their opinions to each group.  Our dance was loved entirely! Kristen Dobby said we had beautiful technique, gorgeous lines, great group work together and clean spacing. Most of all, our connection with one another on stage was explosive, they could really feel our natural knowledge of each others presence.  That moment struck us all because just after dancing, my group and I all agreed that we felt so connected to each other on stage.  Aside from the dance off, that same number scored highest senior small group in the entire competition.  Our jazz got third highest scoring senior small group.  Second was taken by a hip hop group from our studio. Safe to say we swept that category in the overalls.  Next, my lyrical trio got a special award at its adjudication, plus highest scoring senior duet/trio.  Then, our ballet group received the highest score out of every ballet number out of the entire competition.  And last but not least, my solo received 3rd place overall 17 year old solo, and I was awarded a scholarship for a summer dance intensive.  

After all of these successes, my favourite moments of the entire weekend were the moments with my dance family, the girls I dance side by side with, and the younger girls I watch and admire, because them too are phenomenal, hard working dancers.  My dance family is so precious and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Before the dance off, my company and I were huddled in a circle just outside of backstage, and we were sharing our thoughts, feelings, memories, and closing remarks before hitting the competitive stage for the last time together.  That was the most memorable moment of my dancing career, to be truthful.  



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