You can call me Sarah.   I live just north of Toronto in a town or city (I really don’t know what to classify it as).  I’m judgement free and try to avoid stereotypes, but I classify most people here to be uncultured swines with tiny minds and big egos (I swear this isn’t me being judgmental, I have dealt with this place for my eternity).  So since that place sucks, this place (da blog) exists, and fingers crossed I will end up in a fabulous city someday.  This journal is a piece of my mind, and hopefully it doesn’t sound like I am talking at you, but rather with you, ya know, like a cozy exchange of thoughts, the sort of conversation by the fireplace with a tea and pie, where you discuss common interests or dip into lavish adventures and experiences or just hear me out because sometimes I need someone who is willing to just listen to the phenomenon* of the life I live.  [End of rant]

*when I say phenomenon I just say it to make me feel like I star in my own movie or reality T.V. show and that everything that happens has a breathtaking spin okay?

If you want to unwrap another layer of Sarah, you will learn that all the fun and quirk is usually not available at a first glance.  Oh yes I am good at being an introvert.  But it’s strange because I am quite the complete opposite at times… I guess I am a wondrous balanced feline (minus the fact that I am troubled when it comes to speaking to those of the male gender).

Fashion fashion fashion!!!  Now it may not be evident, but I truly have a wicked style.  If only I had crazy money to show it.  But I do have food in my life.  I dabble in trying new recipes and bettering (I am still surprised that bettering is a real word) my health with great empowered foods.  You will notice this a lot throughout your journey of my journey.  And while I am a very underdeveloped blog, I am working on being less of a blogging ghost!

And before I leave you will all of these thoughts, just know I love dancing.


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