Mini Passions : VOLUME I

Sometimes I feel super excited about certain things or concepts. Simple generators of happiness (not true happiness, of course).

First order in the court: figuring out why having my nails painted make me so cheerful. The polished look truthfully makes me feel like my life is so together! Update: last night I painted them myself; a soft pink (OPI’s bubble bath) on digits 1, 2, 3, and 5, and on digit 4 I used a dramatic dark purple (Avon’s midnight plum) topped with a wonderful shimmery mix (Nicole’s fabulous is my middle name). I must say, all together the polish choices appeared very striking. So why do I appreciate having the little nails on my fingers coated in a wonderful smooth layer of paint?

[End of unsolvable thought].


Sarah Mariotti


Turn The Tables


Halloween brings a lot of scare to the table. Scrolling through my tumblr dashboard, nothing was protruding out of the screen with that WOW factor, as the major Halloween scene is over for most (some hard core partiers are giving it a “part 2” tonight), and there is no big, unified, world “holiday” upcoming to take on the next role of trending posts. From the sudden decline in startling and bizarre scenes popping out while scrolling the dash, eventually a mind pounding text budged to make an effort in wooing me. “Scare the world: Be exactly who you say you are and tell the truth.” That’s something different from the scare I was used to seeing, something to juice up thoughts, that’s for sure (not beetle juice, just juice). This caption addresses something the majority of us mere mortals (or muggles, in the case that your Halloween costume walked right off of the Harry Potter screen) struggle with. The world seems to be on a constant roll of terrifying us. It manages to confuse and overwhelm, causing stupid actions to be the outcome of many situations. From stress we tend to perform at a lower standard, ergo out of the scary reality of life, we get caught up in lies, procrastination, and start losing the grip on who we really are. It is hard, the ups and downs of life and dealing with balance, but that seems to be the returning concept in my mind on the meaning of life. As time passes, we need to practice and exercise our self-worth and self-reliance. Trust who you are and be brave, for we take life too seriously and forget that WE are the controllers of our own life. Take a breath, hold your breath, and exhale your scattered thoughts. So much is waiting for you to tackle it, YOU just need to train your mind and your spirits. It is about time we are comfortable in our own skin, after all, we are the ones living with ourselves no matter what. Affirm yourself and take no one’s rejection (much easier said than done, sorry on behalf of the world society has created). So basically, my food for thought is that positivity and negativity WILL make or break your happiness.


Maybe I’m a Visual Learner

I want to see what I think – literally. I don’t realize the meaning of things that I notice day to day, nor can I even identify the significance of these little thought blurbs.  Maybe I’m simply a weak creature when it comes to expressing myself, so let’s hope this tool from cyber enhances my ability to file thoughts. This is a documentation of what I feel to be rather substantial. I can’t be the only one who feels their mind is so much bigger than they are allowing it to be… time to thrive! I figure once it is in the cloud it can’t disappear. Thus, I can finally build up my thoughts (my scattered upbringings and nonsensical clues about growing) and fine tune them. Here is my solution to finding my views and goals of life (my journal?).

yt, Sarah, dedicated dabbler