Neverland Island in ‘The Sea of Newskinn’

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

Fearless of minds.  Fearless of all kinds.  Sarah is now a reborn species on adventurous hinds.
(That doesn’t sound as ferocious as I’d like to be in this alternate universe, but it rhymes so I’m into it.)

A new year is no different than the year before, but what you do with your time and mind can reveal a whole new realm of living.  In my Neverland, the forecast for 2015 calls for great times: sans of worries, full of fruitful cadence, and a 99.9% chance of a healthy  lifestyle (99.9 percent only for that legal disclaimer thingy that is on all hand sanitizers; because something having nothing to do with my plan could get its nose in the picture).

Before we take a boat to Sarah’s Neverland, it is tres important that you know about mama Head.  Mama Head organizes Sarah’s mind as a nightly custom, weekly if times are busy for her.  Mama rummages through Sarah’s mind as she sleeps and tidies up the many articles wandered astray during the days.  You see, things must be straight before your next acquaintance with them.  Ah, mama Head has a passion for having all things just so.  Alas, as the new year undergoes with a more organized spin, we can truly embark on a whimsical overseas (I changed my mind, we are flying there instead) trip to the grounds of  Neverland Island.

Healthy Mind: Most of this new part has just been covered with the help of Mama Head. (Thanks mama Head).  However, the other lines are up to Sarah herself.  Independence.  The biggest struggle has always been trying to being set on herself and excluding from her life the negative opinions of others.  This is Sarah’s Neverland, heck, why should anyone else matter in the manifestation of her well being? Positive thoughts will do that task in just the best way.

Healthy Spirits:  With most things falling into place in this new world in this new year, a new spirit will ignite.  It is Sarah’s great new life in Neverland.  There will be no excuse not to seize every moment and live on cloud nine.  Happy… she will generate her own happy.

Healthy Body: Speaking of this new skin in this new year, Sarah will literally be suiting some new skin.  With a recent food sensitivity test, it has been revealed that many foods in Sarah’s diet have been having a negative impact on her overall well being.  Bad eczema, minor acne, and low energy are just a few of the effects of wheat, yeast, synthetic sugars, peanuts, cow products,  food additives and chemicals, and quite a bit more.  This sounds like a heap load of foods cut out of the picture, however, it makes a world of a difference in her living, and so far she has learned so many health benefit in the foods her body is compatible with.  The recipes that coincide with her new diet are surprisingly compensating and delicious. (She will be posting a journal entry from time to time on her new eats!)

And with that, Sarah’s adventures in Wonderland (oh wait, we are in Neverland!) will make for a wonderful  year.

That calls for the end of story time.

[Sarah is finished talking in third person.]